As Meninas do Quarto 28 The Girls of Room 28, Theresienstadt
As Meninas do Quarto 28The Girls of Room 28, Theresienstadt

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Exhibition: The Girls of Room 28

Original version

The original exhibition was created in Germany and opened on 23 September 2004 in Schwerin, where it was first opened as  part of the festival "Verfemte Music" (Banned Music).


© Coyright, Text, concept: 2004, Hannelore Brenner-Wonschick

Designers: Renate Schlicht and Walter Hagenow, Wiesbaden

Adviser and collaborator in 2004: Benedikt Burkhard

23 September 2004


Opening of the exhibition in Schwerin with the "Girls of Room 28". The book and the exhibition roots in their story and in their special desire to remember.

Title panel

of the original exhibition

Germany (2004)


The image is based on the cover of the first edition of the book The Girls of Room 28 published in 2004 by Droemer, Munic.

Further versions followed: Czech (20o6), French (2009), English (2010).

Gewandhaus Leipzig, 2005

24  panels


Size A0 portrait format

84,1 x 118,9 cm


The first edition was made of posters in glass-frames.

German Parliament



23 January 2008

Reconstruction of Room 28 in the German Parliament

Model of Room 28

attributed by the German Parliament, January 2008



6,20 x 3,25 x 2,51 m

W x D x H


Photo ©

Town Hall, Berlin Schöneberg, 2009



Town Hall Berlin Schöneberg

April 2009


The second edition was printed on synthetic material.



Second panel

of the exhibition


Concert Hall Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt, 2010

20+ panels


Size A3

paintings of the "Girls of Room 28"

Concert Hall, Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin, 2010

European Commission, Brussels, 2013

Model of Room 28


and Roll-up

Stones of Remembrance


European Commission

Brussels, January 2013


European Commission, Brussels 2013

Model of Room 28


European Commission  Brussels, January 2013


Panel of the exhibition


From Flaska's scrap-book



with documents of "The Girls of Room 28"

Schwerin, September 2004


The German version as well as the Czech, French and English version were made with a minimum of budget.


A lot still needs to be done to make the exhibition the way it is    conceived. Due to lack of money this could not be done until today.


There is a rich audio-and film archive in the ownership of Hannelore Brenner waiting to be explored and turned into audio-and film installations for our exhibition and to be integrated in our educational project. And there are many more ideas waiting to be realized.

Room 28 e.V.

In 2007 the Non-Profit Organization Room 28 e.V. was founded in Berlin/Germany to support the project with "The Girls of Room 28". We want this organization to develop into a strong sponsering association for the Room 28 Educational Project in order to guarantee its survival in the future, also when the brain behind and the motor of it, Hannelore Brenner, cannot work on the project any more.

In December 2017 Room 28 e.V. has started a Fundraising Campaign to raise money for the renewal of the exhibition, for developing the teaching material and for establishing a team to work on the project on an international level. We appreciate  any support.

Offer to an institution

It is also possible to hand over the exhibition and project to a congenial institution ready to fulfill the wish and hopes of "The Girls of Room 28" and of the author of the project.

General survey

Room 28 Projects and the  international Room 28 Educational Project is presented in the brochure: Theresienstadt. The Girls of Room 28. Compendium 2017. Room 28 Educational Project. More information on:


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