The Girls of Room 28, Theresienstadt As Meninas do Quarto 28
The Girls of Room 28, TheresienstadtAs Meninas do Quarto 28 

Farewell to

Judith Rosenzweig (1930-2019)

December 9, 2019


Judith Rosenzweig, née Schwarzbart,

who has been my beloved friend since our first encounters in Prague, Haifa and Spindlermühle, has passed away this night, aged 89. My deeply felt sympathy goes to her children and grandchildren in Israel and the US.

As one of "The Girls of Room 28" many people had the opportunity to get to know and talk to Judith over the last 15 years. All of us appreciated her kind and warm personality. Once, as a child, she  had suffered a lot in Theresienstadt, Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, losing her adored parents.


Hoping that it helps to bring about a better future she never hesitated to share her experiences with those who were ready to listen to her story or eager to find out about her experiences, feelings and thoughts. And so she kept alive the torch of remembrance. 


Judith, you stay alive in my heart and, I am sure, in so many other hearts too. I remember all the precious moments we shared together, especially in Haifa and for many years in September in Spindlermühle. You were always so much looking forward to these gatherings. And while writing this, your beloved voice resonates and brings back all the unforgettable memories....

The Room 28 Educational Project presented in the brochures: "Theresienstadt. The Girls of Room 28. Compendium. Room 28 Educational Project" (2016/German and 2017/English) contains teaching material based on the story of the girls.


In January 2020, a Czech edition will be published. There are new chapters and further working-sheets, and one, of course, is devoted to the story of Judith.

I had so much hoped to be able to hand it over to Judith personally in 2020 - especially this new Czech edition, which is addressed to people from her old homelands.

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