As Meninas do Quarto 28 The Girls of Room 28, Theresienstadt
As Meninas do Quarto 28The Girls of Room 28, Theresienstadt


The Girls of Room 28 

The exhibition The Girls of Room 28, L 410 Theresienstadt has been created in 2004 in Germany to fulfill the wish of survivors to remember the girls who lived with them in Room 28 and were murdered in the Holocaust. They also wished to  honour those adults in the Ghetto who took care of them and passed on their knowledge, humanity and hope for a better future.

The exhibition was created in complementation of the book The Girls of Room 28 which appeared some months before the exhibition was opened in September 2004.

Opening of the exhibition in Schwerin, Germany, 23 September 2004

The exhibition illustrates the story of 'The Girls of Room 28' using original documents - a diary, a scrapbook, notebooks, poems, letters, essays, photos, drawings - echoes of young lives, traces of lives lost as well as from those who survived. It has been created to give space to the original documents.

Touring exhibition

Model of Room 28 in the Jewish Museum Rendsburg. Photo by Evelin Frerk.

The exhibition became a touring exhibition. In 2008 a reconstruction of Room 28 was added to the exhibtion for display in the German Parliament. Until today the exhibition was shown in more than 60 places in Germany and in many more places abroad. 

A Czech, French and an English version was created. In 2014 a newly designed Brazilian exhibition came to life.

Helga Pollak-Kinsky with her daughter Eva

Brno, 2006


Opening of the Czech version in the Educational  and Culture Centre in Brno, which is part of the Jewish Museum Prague. Sinje then it is touring in the Czech Republic and has been shown all over the country.

Marseille, 2009


Opening of the french version of the exhibition in the Musee d'Histoire, as part of the EU funded festival Music Interdites. Next and last location was Toulouse.

Jiddith Rosenzweig in Tel Aviv, January 2010. Photo:

Tel Aviv 2010


First time on display: The English version of the exhibition during our event in the Enav Centre. Exhibitions followed in Great Britain, Brussels (European Commission 2013) and Geneva (United Nations 2014).

Sao Paulo, Brazil


In 2014 a newly designed exhibtion came to life in Brazil thanks to Karen Zolko (photo). It became a touring exhibtion and a huge success.

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Our exhibition in Cardiff, June 2019. News

April 2019: Czech edition of the Theresienstadt Diary of Helga Pollak

Helga Pollak-Kinsky:

Můj Terezinský Denik

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