As Meninas do Quarto 28 The Girls of Room 28, Theresienstadt
As Meninas do Quarto 28The Girls of Room 28, Theresienstadt

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Room 28 Projects

Shattering News, 14. November 2020

Hannelore Brenner


In der Nacht vom 13. /14. November 2020 nahm das Leben einer wunderbaren Frau ein jähes Ende. 

Ich bin noch viel zu erschüttert und ringe mit Tränen um Worte. Mein Mitgefühl gilt ihren Kindern mit Familie. Auch wenn Helga Kinsky, geb. Pollak, am 28. Mai 2020 neunzig Jahre alt wurde, ist es mir, als ob sie mitten aus dem Leben gerissen wurde....


To read my last Farewell visit and fore more orbituaries of Helga's friends from ourt side visit Helga Kinsky 

Up-date Information. Nov.2020

This website will be reshaped till the end of 2020. Part of Room 28 Projects is:

The Project is supported by the NPO

Hannelore Brenner

Room 28 Projects -


this name encompasses the book, the exhibition (2004) and the theater-play about the Girls of Room 28 as well as authentic Theresienstadt diary of Helga Pollak-Kinsky, written in 1943-1944 in the Theresienstadt ghetto in Room 28, L 410.


Room 28 Projects is a Jewish-German project of remembrance which developed in alliance with survivors of Room 28.


Edition Room 28 started in 2014 with the publication of the diary of Helga Pollak. See: Further publications followed.


The various media tell the story of young Jewish prisoners who once lived together in Room 28 in the Girls Home L 410 in the Theresienstadt ghetto. 


Om 2014 Room 28 Projects - Brasil  came to life in Brazil.


Hannelore Brenner, Berlin/Germany

Room 28 Projects - Brasil

As Meninas do Quarto 28

In 2014, thanks to Karen Zolko and Dodi Chansky the exhibition As Meninas do Quarto 28  came to existence in Brazil and with it Room 28 Projects - Brasil.

The exhibition was opened on 22 May 2014 in São Paulo, Mube Museum. Further exhibtions followed.

Directors, managers of Room 28 Brasil



Karen Zolko


Artistic and project director






Dodi Chansky


Managing and marketing director


14. November 2020

Sad news: Helga Kinsky, née Pollak, died on 14 November 2020. Last Fareweell on Room 28 Education and on the NPO Room 28 e.V. 

Music Theatre Play. German, 2020

Books. Compenium


A new Czech edition will be published in 2020/2021 by Albatros Media, Prague.

Rights: Albatros, Prague

A new Polish edition will be published in 2020/2021 by Swiat Ksiaski, Warsaw.

Rights: Swiat Ksiaski, Warsaw

Book-rights available: English, Portuguese and more

Book-rights: Hannelore Brenner
Book-rights: Hannelore Brenner

Learn all about Room 28 Projects and the Educational Project in the above Compendium. 

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