As Meninas do Quarto 28 The Girls of Room 28, Theresienstadt
As Meninas do Quarto 28The Girls of Room 28, Theresienstadt

Ensemble "Zwockhaus"

Songs from the Theresienstadt Cabaret and from Ilse Weber

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Over the last 20 years  Winfried Radeke has researched, arranged, edited music and songs from Theresienstadt that were almost forgotten.


With Maria Thomaschke and Andreas Jocksch - both artistis and chanson singers -  he had discoverd two outstanding talents who are perfect to make resound and bring on stage all the pioneer work Winfried Radek had done over the last twenty years.


Zwockhaus presents the most authentic program on Theresienstadt Cabaret that you could imagine!


Zwockhaus - their name derives from the Czech word 'cvok', meaning someone who is crazy - a madman. The word was often used in Terezin, also the word 'Zwockhaus' for the place in the Cavalier Barracks, where mentally disturbed people were housed. So this is why the ensemble finally called itself Zwockhaus.

Winfried Radeke

Winfried Radeke *1940. Foto

The brains behind the ensemble is the composer, pianist and director Winfried Radeke, creator of 14 operas, many oratieries and songs and director of uncountable productions especially made for the Neuköllner Opera in  Berlin, which was established thanks to his committment in 1977.


In 1989 his ground-breaking stage version of Viktor Ullmann's Kaiser von Atlantis resulted in a new foundation: the NPO musica reanimata. Ever since he belongs to its managing board. Over the years he intensified  his involvement with the "Gesprächskonzerte" (concerts with discussions) of musica reanimata. It is in this context that the ensemble Zwockhaus took shape and developped into what is now known as the ensemble Zwockhaus.


Among he  many distinctions awarded to Winfried Radeke is the Deutscher Kritikerpreis (Prize of the German Critics) and the Bundesverdienstkreuz (Federal Cross of Merit).

Since 2004, when the book and the exhibition about "The Girls of Room 28" were first published, Room 28 Projects  initiated and realized many events - openings of the exhibition and readings from the book. Often these events were accompanied by musicians, choirs or actors. Our cooperation with ensemble Zwockhaus turned into a tradition - ana a most cherished one.

This Website informs about Room 28 Projects based in Germany and its partner organization Room 28 Projects - Brasil.

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Representative of the Zwockhaus: Hannelore Brenner.

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