As Meninas do Quarto 28 The Girls of Room 28, Theresienstadt
As Meninas do Quarto 28The Girls of Room 28, Theresienstadt

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Recife, Brazil, August 2017

Globo TV about "As Meninas do Quarto 28"

Unforgettable memories

Visiting Brazil in September 2017

Lembrar para esquecer diarios e memorias

Germany-Brazil Room 28 Bridgebuilders

 "Remembering to forget: Diaries and Memories of the Holocaust" -  this is an article written by Professor Priscila Perazzo (Universidade Municipal de São Caetano do Sul - USCS) and Professor Barbara Heller (Universidade Paulista - UNIP).

In their article they show a deep understanding of the book and the story of "As Meninas do Quarto 28"/The Girls of Room 28". This is why we came in touch and decided to work together with Room 28 Projects - Brasil on the educatonal Room 28 Project.

Loss and Beauty in Florida

Loss and Beauty English.pdf
PDF-Dokument [446.2 KB]

Austrian Radio,Vienna

CD: Helga Pollak-Kinsky Theresienstadt

The Austrian Radio recorded our event of 29 January 2017 in Vienna and released the double CD


Helga Pollak-Kinsky. Theresienstadt

German language


CD 1: Reading with Helga Pollak-Kinsky, Bernhard Fellinger and songs from Theresienstadt presented by the Berlin ensemble Zwockhaus.


CD 2: "Menschenbilder" (Portrays of People). Conversation with Helga Pollak-Kinsky. By Petra Herczeg and Rainer Rosenberg.

Also on the CD: Greeting Speech by Austrian President Alexander van der Bellen on the ocvcasion of our event on 29 January 2017.

Producer: Eva Quatember, ORF

See the website of Austrian Radio.

Event: 29. January 2017, Vienna, Stadtsaal, Mariahilferstraße 81

Mein Theresienstädter Tagebuch

My Theresienstadt Diary


Helga Pollak-Kinsky reads from her Theresienstadt Diary, the Berlin ensemble Zwockhaus presents songs from Ilse Weber and from the Theresienstadt Cabaret, Hannelore Brenner guides through the story on the side of Helga.

...and songs from Theresienstadt, phographed by

It is not the first time that we invited the Berlin ensemble Zwockhaus to accompany our readings from the authentic Theresienstadt Diary of Helga Pollak-Kinsky.

It is thanks to their excellent presentation that our readings turns into not only a very moving, but also an artistic experience.


We welcome you to our event, a contribution to the international Holocaust Remembrance Day and a German-Austrian cooperation with ESRA.


Click on the photo and listen to the Zwockhaus:


13 March 2018

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View this film by Globo TV News, 27 September 2017:

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Helga's Diary
Compendium 2017 Helgas Diary.pdf
PDF-Dokument [1.6 MB]
Leya. Sao Paulo

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