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Ittai Shapira

Violinist, Soloist, Composer. USA

“What can we do, seventy years after the end of the Holocaust, to resist the intolerance and the radical hatred that is at the core of genocide? Which lessons can we draw from Theresienstadt, a place of extreme suffering, but also a place of stunning art?"

These concerns form the very heart of Room 28 Projects. It is therefore that we connected with Ittai Shapira to help him promote his work The Ethics being staged in Europe, as a shining example of how a musician of the younger generation, ready to take up the challenge to get involved with the past, transforms his experience into a powerful lesson for today.

The Ethics

Ittai Shapira

THE Ethics, the work by the violinist and composer Ittai Shapira premiered at the Zankel Hall-Carnegie Hall in May 2015. It is inspired by the music and the experience of the Theresienstadt inmates and reflects Ittai Shapira’s dialogue with the past and his own struggle with present disturbing issues and questions like these:

Ittai Shapira and Daniel Liebeskind

It was a video about The Ethics, a dialogue between Ittai Shapira and the architect Daniel Liebeskind which had caught our attenttion to this extraordinary violinist and composer. I recommend: Watch this film on Youtube.

Lessons of Theresienstadt

The lesson which Ittai's music conveys, is a lesson about the diversity of people and cultures and the necessity to overcome the violence between nations, religious and ethnic groups. It is an appeal to our imagination to focus on what is uniting instead of what is dividing us, and “to seek moments of understanding” and develop compassion and empathy, across differences, here and now."

The Ethics, a work for for Violin, Chorus, Percussion and Piano, commissioned by the Krueger and Blavatnik Family Foundations, written for "Humanity in Action"

Inspired by Ela Weisberger, in memory of Eva Sachs and the "Brundibár" children.

Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Theresienstadt Camp

Premiere: May 14th, 2015 at Carnegie Hall

Listen to The Ethics on Youtube

Ittai Shapira and a Washington Choir performing The Ethics.


"A Walz with Fate"


 "The Fortress"



A lot could be said about Ittai Shapira, his biography, his career as a violinist and composer, his life in New York and his present endeavors and concerts. As you see from the last lines, it was Ela Weissberger who has inspired him to compose The Ethics. And Ela is "a girl of Room 28". So the circle is closing. Just have a look at Ittai Shapira's website - and you find out a lot about him!

We are looking for a conductor interested to stage a concert with Ittai Shapira's "The Ethics" in Europe.  As this composition is based on the experience of Theresienstadt, we would like to create a common program with Ittai. Who is interested?


22 June 2017: Zwockhaus in Stuttgart. More on:

2 May 2017

Interview with Hannelore Brenner about the new Compendium.

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