As Meninas do Quarto 28 The Girls of Room 28, Theresienstadt
As Meninas do Quarto 28The Girls of Room 28, Theresienstadt

Remembering Flaška

Anna Hanusová, née Flachová (1930-2014)

"Our years in Theresienstadt will have been for nothing if we ever oppress so much as a single person in our own life."

Anna Hanusová, our beloved Flaška, is the soul of "Room 28 Projects". Everyone who met her knows: She was a wonderful person: charming, loving, full of empathy, vitality,  and humour. She opened up her heart to so many of us and reached so many hearts.


Whenever she spoke about her experiences in Theresienstadt, she quoted words by Margit Mühlstein, whose daughter Maria lived in Room 28. Margit Mühlstein left these dedication in her album: "Our years in Theresienstadt will have been for nothing if we ever oppress so much as a single person in our own life." And she added: "This has become the motto of my life."


If we want to survive on this planet, this should be the motto for our world. Therefore, Flaška's motto has become the motto of our educational project. You will soon hear more about it


Anna Hanusová, née Flachová 

30 April 2016

How we are remembered will determine the fates of those who follow

"Our time comes in good season or bad, and we disappear into the earth, the air, or the sea, and soon all is gone, save memory. But this memory must shape the world to come. How we are remembered will determine the fates of those who follow."

Sam Dann in his novel: "Goodbye Karl Erich" (1985, St. Martin's Press, New York)

We will create a new panel for the exhibition with your contributions to remember Flaška. Share your memories and impressions with us - in words, photos, films, whatever media - and take part in this project.

Send your memories via Email to Room 28 Projects


Memories shared

by our friends:

Gabriel Fawcett: "Irreplaceable. I watched her effect on other people, especially young people, for years. One amazing presence. I think about her so often."


Gottfried Wagner: "Ich werde sie immer in wärmster Erinnerung behalten."


Uriah Yaniv. "Another year has passed. We miss you, dear Anna."  Uriah (Tony) is a relative of Flaška, and Flaška's family the only relatives left after WWII. He is sharing some photos of his Album for Anna with us.

Flaška and Room 28 Projects

To understand the role of Flaska for our project have a look at Stones of Remenbrance-

Moments with Flaška

Album Room 28 Projects

Flaška's Album

It is Flaska's album in which her friends wrote their wishes and dedications, which inspired Flaska to do something to remember the girls of Room 28. The diary of Helga Pollak and the album of Flaska are the two essential documents which led to Room 28 Projects.

Page from Flaškas Album

Just as this big mushroom protects the little one, so our  Home protects us.But one day, it will be us who have to  protect others. So prepare yourself for the day when it will be your turn to reapy the loan. Never reflect for long if you can do a good deed, and never lose hope. Without hope you cannot exist. And keep remembering those you were fond of. And never forget those who are like me.

Your Fiška

Terezin, October 5, 1944

Flaška - Anna Flachova, around 1941

Karen Zolko introduces the exhibition in Recife:

Leya. Sao Paulo

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Karen Zolko presents the exhibition. Film on  Hebraica News na TV

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