As Meninas do Quarto 28, Project Hannelore Brenner, Exhibition Room 28
As Meninas do Quarto 28, Project Hannelore Brenner, Exhibition Room 28
Room 28 Projects As Meninas do Quarto 28 The Girls of Room 28, Theresienstadt Room 28 ProjectsAs Meninas do Quarto 28The Girls of Room 28, Theresienstadt

Room 28 Projects


Hannelore Brenner

Berlin/Germany, May 2014


I am inviting you to explore the new Website of Room 28 Projects which tells you, in various media, the story of young Jewish prisoners, 'The Girls of Room 28', Ghetto Theresienstadt'. And I want to share with you an outstanding cultural, historical and educational project that originates in an alliance with a special group of Holocaust survivors living scattered in the world. In the last ten years this project has unfold an amazing vibrancy.

I am happy to introduce to you Karen Zolko, my friend and partner in São Paulo. With her the project with 'The Girls of Room 28' came to life in Brazil. As director of Room 28 Projects - Brasil she realized an outstanding new exhibition.  'As Meninas do Quarto 28', opened on 22 May 2014 in the Mube Museum, São Paulo.

Karen Zolko, Director of Room 28 Projects - Brasil

Room 28 Projects - Brasil came to life in 2013 with a discovery, a desire and by virtue of Karen's passionate determination: to remember the fate of the girls of Room 28 and with it also a girl who is very special for her and her mother: Erika Stránská.


Fundraising Campaign started on

On our new website  Room 28 Education  you get information about the Vision behind our project. And you are invited to support the project!

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'Mein Theresienstädter Tagebuch"/My Terezin Diary by Holocaust survivor Helga Pollak-Kinsky. Visit Edition Room 28

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